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Anchit Bharti & Vaishali Vishwakarma

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This article explores the dimension of the interplay of the Environmental Law and the corporate law in India. The emergence of CSR i.e., Corporate Social Responsibility and CER, Corporate Environmental Responsibility in India, while bringing a sense of accountability about the environment and social responsibility to the corporate world, the article highlights the nuanced perspectives regarding the growing importance of CSR and CER and the challenges that are associated with it. The article poses certain suggestions to mitigate the challenges associated with CSR and CER in India. The need for CSR and CER to be implemented at the grassroots level is also uplifted by the government, the article suggests a certain way towards it. The article aims to contribute insights that can inform policy decisions, corporate strategies, and sustainable development practices in the Indian corporate houses.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Environment Responsibility

CSR and CER challenges

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