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Call For Papers

The IJLRR is inviting authors to contribute their research pieces
for publication in Volume II, Issue I.

Subject Area: Contemporary Legal Issues

Perks: DOI, Certificate of Publication
, Timely Process

ISSN: 2584-0649 (O)
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Indian Journal of Legal Research and Review (IJLRR) is an online bi-monthly journal with 6 Issues per year. The Journal revolves around Socio-legal topics and is not restricted to any particular field or subject of law. Further, The language of IJLRR is English. IJLRR commenced its scholarly publications in 2023, offering a platform for rigorous legal discourse and analysis.

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The main objective of IJLRR is to establish a platform that enables individuals associated with the field of law to contribute their research on any subject pertaining to law. By doing so, the journal aims to create a high-quality open-access platform that can be utilized by anyone to acquire or enhance their knowledge and proficiency in the field of law.

  • Provide a detailed conceptualisation of socio-economic phenomenon and its interplay with law and policy-making

  • Encourage interdisciplinary and comparative research to develop a holistic and multifaceted approach towards the complex issues of today’s society.

  • Enable the development of legal intellect, critical analysis and quality research by promoting original legal writing. 


  • Certificate of Publication - Certificate of publication is given to all the authors published in each issue. The certificate is given to the authors as soon as the publication is live.

  • Free DOI (Digital Object Identification) - A DOI is a string of numbers, letters and symbols used to permanently identify an article or document and link to it on the web. A DOI will help your reader easily locate a document from your citation.

  • Certificate of Excellence - The best author in each issue is given a Certificate of Excellence for their publication.

  • No Delays and Timely Process - The whole review process takes up to 72 hours (1-3 days). The final publication after the payment of the processing fee is done within 24-72 hours (1-3 Working days).


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Long Articles (3000-6000 words)

This category requires submissions to thoroughly explore a specific topic and its associated literature. The article should provide an overview of current practices within the field, identify any gaps or limitations in current knowledge or practice, and offer innovative and constructive recommendations for improvement. Theoretical pieces are also welcome in this category. In essence, the aim is to provide a comprehensive and insightful analysis of the chosen topic.

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Short Articles (1500-3000 words)

Essays and short articles are focused, delving into specific issues to provide fresh and critical perspectives. These pieces present clear arguments, offering alternative ways of conceptualizing the topic and providing readers with unique insights. The brevity of these works ensures precision, making each word contribute to a powerful exploration of a subject. In essence, essays and short articles serve as intellectual capsules, encapsulating insightful reflections and inviting readers to engage with a concentrated analysis.

Case Notes (1200-2500 words)

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This category scrutinizes recent judicial decisions, legislative actions, or policy proposals. Analyses explore the historical lineage of similar cases, assessing their impact on the specific legal domain's evolution. For legislative or policy assessments, the focus is on elucidating proposed actions' objectives and anticipated effects. The primary objective is to provide a comprehensive evaluation, offering readers nuanced insights. By delving into legal and policy intricacies, these analyses contribute to contemporary discourse, fostering a judicious perspective within the legal and legislative spheres.

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