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Dhriti Anil Kawale

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Corporate governance is a crucial concept that encompasses procedures, traditions, regulations, and institutions that guide organizations and businesses in their actions, management, and oversight of their activities. It is essential for creating an optimal investment climate, enabling competitive firms to have a robust foothold in efficient financial markets. Effective corporate governance is crucial for countries with significant commercial presence, as it plays a crucial role in fostering entrepreneurial success. Challenges in the 21st century include increased instances of corporate fraud and governance breaches, regulatory liberalization measures in India, and the need for accountability to stakeholders. To improve accountability, the empowerment of independent directors and increased responsibilities for directors should be incorporated into Indian company law. In conclusion, effective corporate governance is essential for creating an optimal investment climate, fostering entrepreneurial success, and maintaining a strong corporate culture. For best results, regulatory measures should be modelled after Indian corporate practices and environments, requiring board and promoters to embrace improvements in form and spirit.


Strong Corporate Culture

Regulatory Liberalization

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