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Namanjay Chaudhary

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Our day-to-day activities mainly involved going to college, school or work where people like us used to commute daily to their educational institutions or workplaces, well these involved travelling by various means such as cycling, public transport or driving commuting allowed individuals to attend colleges, school or workplaces physically and to move them from the home to their destination regularly. This facilitated socialization and networking opportunities for example, students in school or colleges interacted with their friends or classmates during breaks or events or any extracurricular activities and meanwhile employees got to be engaged in team building activities and strengthening professional networks. But universe had something else planned for the world when covid-19 pandemic took place, so during the pandemic or after the pandemic the life was quite different especially when it came to education and learning educational institutions had to close and even workplaces, students couldn’t go to classes like before so relatively schools and teachers started using the internet and computers to avail the learning for their future and this is called digital education. Digital education during the pandemic and even after the pandemic took a rise to the sky due to many reasons if I were to give examples it would be accessibility, digital education made learning accessible worldwide, people even from remote areas and people with physical disabilities were able to access quality education to without the hectic travelling. Another can be learning can never by limited as with digital education you are entitled to learn new things whenever you want to be. So, after the digital education we come to our copyright as we know copyright protects the original works of the creator, the work can be artistic work, dramatic work, musical work, cinematography and etc. Digital learning may provide new challenges to copyright owners for educators and content creators. Copyright and digital learning can intervene with each other in various ways and for many reasons due to the reliance on digital content in educational areas. In this article we’ll talk about how digital learning is affecting copyright, how they are connected to each other and how the resources are being utilized in digital learning, forms of content their relevance to the original work of author and the infringement.


Copyright Laws

Digital Education

Distance Learning

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