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Divyanshi Gupta

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Rapid digitalization of transactions and agreements has transformed company processes, but it has also introduced new concerns, notably in the area of cybersecurity. This in-depth investigation digs into the complex world of internet agreements and their weaknesses in the face of criminality. This research gives a detailed knowledge of the challenges posed by cybercriminals and the methods necessary to defend digital agreements efficiently, from analysing the complexities of various online agreement forms to investigating the latest cybersecurity technology. The research looks at essential factors including encryption mechanisms and user education; awareness emphasizing their importance in strengthening online agreements. It also digs at upcoming technologies including as artificial intelligence, machine learning and virtual reality; augmented reality, highlighting their potential to revolutionize online agreement protection. The study also examines notable cybercrime instances affecting online agreements, using insights from real-world case studies. Furthermore, the research examine the legal environment, exploring national regulations governing online agreements, emphasizing the need of compliance in the digital age. Finally, this research not only summarises major finding but also offers practical establish a resilient ecosystem where online agreements are secured against cyber threats, cyber thefts, maintaining confidence, security and dependability in the digital era by adopting new technology, increasing user awareness and remaining up to date on legislative changes.


Cyber Crime


Cyber Security 

Digital Privacy

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